CHARLENE E. OSBORNE is a native Baltimorean who is committed to helping those in need and to supporting many charities with her talent, time, and tireless efforts. She is a dedicated employee of 14 years with a local engineering firm. In addition to her work in transportation design, she has coordinated many of their charitable causes, including their corporate fund-raising for the United Way of Central Maryland and the Red Cross. Charlene enjoys painting, in particular the traditional Baltimore art of painted window screens. She feels it's important to keep this unique Baltimore tradition alive by sharing with the younger generation this painting technique taught to her by her mother. When not painting or writing, she enjoys being on the water. Described as resourceful and determined, when she was unable to find a publisher for this project, she self-published and created Hon Cave Press LLC for future projects, including a sequel to her documentary My Life as BALTIMORE'S BEST HON. Charlene studied screenwriting through the Johns Hopkins Odyssey program and is currently working on a Baltimore related spec script.




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