140 pages of brilliant color photographs, insightfully narrated by Charlene E. Osborne a.k.a.
Blaze Char as she takes us into her world of festivals, charity events, and just some plain ole Hon fun.

Why, HON?

Hon, short for honey, is a Bawlmer term of endearment.  It embodies the warmth and affection bestowed upon neighbors and visitors alike, by the working women of Bawlmer.

Charlene, with her towering beehive and magnetic Bawlmer spirit, won the hearts and votes of the judges.  Paparazzi create a frenzy.  For a few brief moments, the warm, black macadam becomes a red carpet, and the Best Hon feels like she just won the Academy Award.
Photo: Hairspray - courtesy of David Muse


Photo Credits:

Book Cover photo, Author photo, HonFest 2009 Award and Believe Hon & Little Hons courtesy of Jaime Windon, www.theblondephotographer.com.

2nd 1st 3rd - photo courtesy of Chuck Ritz

Chokehold; Oscar Performance; Coconuts; Greetings from OC; and Pizza Tugos; courtesy of David Muse, www.davidmusephoto.com and www.baltimorephotosafari.com

Dental Assistant and Edgemere Duckpin Bowl courtesy of Middleton Evans, www.ravenswoodpress.com

Best Hon 2009 Hot Pink courtesy of Mark Dennis

MTA HON TRAIN photos courtesy of the late Steve Focht.  Rest in peace my dear friend.

Page "Heaven on Earth"c  - photo courtesy of The Baltimore Sun - photographer Jed Kirschbaum.

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